• My beau and I don't even call what she does "lessons." We call them dance dates - because what Shannon is offering goes way beyond learning to dance. She is helping us find more intimacy, connection, and joy in our relationship.


  • None of us had any ballroom dancing experience and Shannon only had four months to teach 18 teenagers two full dance routines. In the end the routines were great because Shannon was so good at teaching us difficult moves in a simple way.


  • Shannon knows how to make the atmosphere casual and comfortable, and her excellent sense of humor often comes into play in her instructions. Laughter is a big part of the experience!

    -Anne & Martin

  • She's like a gypsy, arriving at our door to bring us color and music and movement - bringing us to life in a new way.

    -Sherry & Ian


Gather your friends together for a dinner party and an extra surprise...

A ballroom dance lesson! Spice up your party with a salsa or a swing dance lesson followed by some fun dancing the night away!